orchid hybrids

orchid hybrid 1 orchid hybrid 2 orchid hybrid 3 orchid hybrid 2

 orchid hybrid 10 orchid hybrid 6 orchid hybrid 17 orchid hybrid 19

orchid hybrid 22tn orchid hybrid 7 orchid hybrid 10 orchid hybrid 3

orchid hybrid 18 orchid hybrid 20 orchid hybrid 6 orchid hybrid 21

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All Rights Reserved ©2005-2006 Ken Weissblum

This series looks at the structure of life and manís need to be in unity with our natural environment. Both have a fragile existence.  

Man and orchids are transient. Photography allows the recording of a point in time in the existence of man and nature. Just as a blossom of an orchid is ephemeral, so is a movement in dance. I seek to capture peak luminous moments in the dancers (who served as models), as well as in the flowers and examine the variations in both.  

Mankind depends on nature. Yet we have demanded that nature adjust to us rather than we adapting to it.  I explore this relationship through the blending of the sensual and organic shapes of orchids and nudes. These images seek to harmonize man with nature.