celestial bodies

taking_flight tn hyperdive_tn stella_maris_tn birth_venus_tn 

siren_tn ecstasy_tn nexus_tn 

pilgrimage_tn coven_tn Himiko_tn spanning_time_tn  

jetting_tn mother_pearl_tn galactic_eye_tn medussa_unveiled_tn   

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All Rights Reserved ©2005 Ken Weissblum

Throughout our history, man has identified himself as being alone, alone as individuals and alone as a race.  In his perceived solitude man has looked towards the heavens and pondered his relationship – both physical and spiritual – to the cosmos.  In this manner we all call upon our “innate” philosopher, our inner voice that seeks answers to life’s greatest mysteries of space and time, where do we come from? Where are we going? What is our destiny?   

Through these images I hope to inspire the “innate” philosopher in my audiences and encourage them to further explore their place in the universe, as well as to examine the structure and boundaries of space.

This series is dedicated to the Hubble Space Telescope (ESA, NASA) who kindly made their data/imagery, taken primarily for scientific purposes, available for my artistic use.